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Boarding for Canines where medically indicated.

We only board canines where there is a medical need for our highly trained staff to provide special care that might not be available at regular boarding facilities  We no longer board canines that do not need special medical attention or do not have a condition requiring special care. 

Examples of canine conditions requiring medical boarding include (but are not limited to):

Muscular-skeletal conditions requiring gentle handling or reduced physical activity.

Conditions requiring the administration of medications or IV Fluids.

Conditions requiring close monitoring during physical activity including heart disease or circulatory issues.

Other medical conditions requiring special handling to be determined on a case by case basis by a staff veterinarian.  Please note we do not provide 24 hour per day monitoring.  

Boarding for Felines is not restricted to medically necessary.

While their humans were away exploring exotic Spring Break destinations, their fur babies were partying with the Compass Veterinary Staff. Don't tell the humans, it's their little secret.

Please drop in for a tour to see our small, clean, quiet facility.  We only board a maximum of 10 dogs at a time, and six cats.  The dog ward and the cat ward are in different areas of the building to reduce interspecies stress. No dog kennel faces opposite another kennel to further reduce tension.  

Cats are housed in a luxury condo with a clear back where they are entertained by "kitty tv."

The cat condos are located right in our Doctor's office area to insure a more peaceful boarding experience.  They receive lots of love and attention from staff members throughout the day! 

Canine boarding requirements:

Current rabies, DAPP, and bordetella vaccines.

Current annual physical exam.

Flea and parasite free.

We do not require that your dog be spayed or neutered.

Dogs are walked a minimum of three times per day.

Feline boarding requirements:

Current rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

Current annual physical exam.

Flea and parasite free.

Cats must not have any contagious conditions.


Cats:  $24.00 per day.  7th day free on one week stays for cats.  

Dogs:  $35.00 per day in luxury 3x5 run.

Dogs:  $30.00 per day in 28x28x28 toy dog kennel.

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