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Spay and Neuter

High Quality Affordable Spay and Neuter Services now in Lake Oswego

Spay and Neuter prices and surgical protocols vary widely throughout the Portland Metro area.  Our goal at Compass is to provide clients with all the information needed to make an informed decision regarding these procedures.   Dr. Connolly, Medical Director, strongly believes in making Spay and Neuter surgeries as affordable as possible, without sacrificing patient health and safety.

At Compass, we perform a thorough pre-surgical exam on every patient.  The pre-surgical exam is included in the procedure price.  

We use the same anesthetic gas used in human medicine, Isoflurane. The Anesthetic is delivered through new, high quality, Landmark Anesthesia machines.  We have two identical machines, so that a backup is always available in the unforseen event of an equipment malfunction during a procedure.

 Anesthetic protocol is tailored to your pet.  The Isoflorane anesthetic gives our veterinary team the quickest and most accurate control over the depth of anesthesia as well as your pet's oxygen levels.

Some "low cost" spay and neuter facilities rely on intramuscular injectable (IM) anesthetic only.  While this is a less costly and easier method for the veterinary clinic, it does not allow the level of safety and control that Isoflurane inhalant anesthesia provides, and can be much harder on your pet.   IM injections are slow acting, non-reversible, offer less control, and cause a longer recovery time than Isoflurane.  

Every patient undergoing anesthesia is monitored by our BioVet System.

Our BioVet System monitors the patient's heart rate, heart rhythm, body temperature, respiration, and oxygenation level throughout the procedure.

For Dr. Connolly, however, this isn't adequate: "We never rely on just the machine.  Each patient is also constantly monitored by a veterinary technician. Our technicians are trained to manually check the heart rate, look at the color of the gums, and constantly visually assess the patient and their vital signs.  As good as the technology is, we have to also monitor with our eyes."  For this reason, your pet always has a licensed veterinarian and a technician at their side throughout the procedure.  

Every surgical instrument is thoroughly sterilized in our state-of-the-art Midmark M11 "Ultra-Clave" Automatic Sterilizer.  With the emergence of many aggressive, infectious organisms, Dr. Connolly wants to reduce the risk to patients: "It's hard to fathom, but some clinics actually re-use the same instruments between patients.   While that may reduce their operational cost, I will not compromise on patient health and safety."  

Your pet's surgeon will also be sterilely scrubbed, gloved, masked, and gowned.  

Dr. Connolly believes that all patients need and deserve pain medications.  Every patient receives an injection of pain medication during recovery.   After surgery, a technician continues to directly monitor your pet until he or she is able to stand and walk.  Compass is not a spay and neuter assembly line, we provide a careful procedure with personal attention to your pet.

Pre-anesthetic blood work is highly recommended, but is generally not required.  In some cases with higher risk patients, your Compass veterinarian may require pre-anesthetic blood work to be run before a surgical procedure can be performed on your pet.  This is for the health and safety of your pet, and will only be done with your consent.  

Your pet must be current on their rabies vaccination and must be flea free before any surgical procedure.

An IV Catheter and IV Fluids will be administered as medically indicated for your pet.  

Feline Spay, uncomplicated:  call for current pricing*

Feline Neuter, uncomplicated:  call for current pricing*

Canine Spay, uncomplicated:  call for current pricing** (varies by weight)

Canine Neuter, uncomplicated:  call for current pricing** (varies by weight)

We also provide affordable spay and neuter services for rabbits and pocket pets.  Call for pricing.

*All spays and neuters receive an injection of post-operative pain relief medication.  

Uncomplicated means that your pet is not in heat, not pregnant, has normal reproductive development, and is otherwise healthy.   Come in for a full evaluation to get a firm written estimate.

**The cost of canine spays and neuters varies by weight.  Please call or drop in for an estimate.

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